When placing an order here, expected completion time is 5 working days*.

69 €
Prices excl. VAT. No VAT added.

* Conditions apply:
  1. For micro or small entity;
  2. number of source documents (sales and purchase invoices, receipts, cash cheques) sent to the supplier is up to 49; in addition, whole year's bank statement in csv and pdf format, filed tax returns and opening balances, if applicable;
  3. every TSD (PAYE) tax return has a single payee;
  4. 1 fixed assets' item at a time during the FY;
  5. all transactions in up to 2 currencies, one of which is the Euro;
  6. no export or import outside EU, no transactions with precious metals or metal scrap, also no company cars;
  7. the job delivery term begins on the later of - the following working day after placing an order or an order confirmation or the working day corresponding to receipt of payment;
  8. on request, order confirmation will be sent within 1 working day;
  9. buyer shall grant access and input rights for accountant within 1 working day after details provided.
See general conditions (tsncs) https://aastaaruanne.com.ee/tsncs

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